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Follows a young boy as he embarks on a magical journey to Candy Ville. During his travels, he discovers how being a good and respectful person can really pay off.

…a story that uses timely topics, up-to-date story concepts, and creates an integration of the child and the reader to go on a journey together. The story takes us on an adventure that lightens our senses with the words ad beautiful artwork. A story that creates a new experience with magic, dreams and wonderment. To learn compassion from a child’s point of view also allows the parent, grandparent or reader to also explore how they too can become more compassionate. What a wonderful engagement of souls.

Gerry Haller’s gentle tale is inspired by stories she told to her grandson…Adults will appreciate that the book celebrates and rewards good behavior. This relaxing journey through a land of treats is a pleasant low-key bedtime story for young children.

Gifted educator and author Dr. Gerry Haller presents a delicious and wholesome fantasy story that will touch the hearts of readers of all ages in her new children’s picture book Will’s Adventure to the Candy Mountain. More than just a sweet experience, the entertaining story also instills the importance of being a good and kind person, as well as the benefits that can be gained with it.

The full-page illustrations by Y M Cho are colorful and fun. Children will love looking at the pages. My favorite things were the lessons the story cleverly taught. Friendship, politeness, punctuality, and exemplary behavior are all valuable lessons for children to learn.

The message is clear: life is full of sweet offerings, but friendship and kindness are more important than sweet treats. One has to always be courteous. Beautifully told and presented.

Readers will be asking for seconds (of reading the book again that is) after they finish this charming story and will be reminded that good things come to those who are respectful and considerate.